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Laboratories Location Equipment Extension
Communication and Microwave Laboratory EE 401-3 Spectrum Analyzers, Noise Figure Meters, Oscilloscopes, Function Generators, VHF Antenna Test Units, Vector Networks Analyzers, Microstrip Trainer, X-Band Microwave Basic Experiments, Microwave Training Units, Antenna Test Bench, Cable Television Systems, C-and Kuband Antennas, Pulsed Doppler Surveillance Radar Units, Electromagnetic Interference Measuring Systems. 6390
Electronic Circuit Laboratory EE 402 DC Power Supplies, Digital Multimeters, Oscilloscopes, Function Generators, Frequency Counters, Curve Tracers, RLC Meters.


Analog Circuits and Systems Laboratory

EE 701 7146

Digital Signal Processing Laboratory

T2 511 DEC and HP Workstations, Personal Computers, DSP Developing Systems, DSP Boards, Image Grabbers, Color Cameras, Color Printers, Scanners, Stereo Vision Robot Systems, MATLAB, Hypersignal Windows. 7226
General Physics Laboratory

IB 801
IB 802
IB 803

Basic Measurements, Basic Mechanics Systems, Air Track-Linear Motion Experiment, Circular Motion Apparatus, Specific Heat of Metal by Digital Joulemeter, Partially Elastic Collision-the Relation between Period and the Radius of Ring, Resonance Tube-Speed of Sound, Resonance Tube-Tuning Fork, Young's Modulus, Mechanical Equivalent of Heat, Newton's Cooling Law, Thermoelectric Experiment, Basic Optics System, Prism Spectrometer & Refractive Index, Diffraction Optics System, Ammeter & Voltmeter, Determination of Low Voltage, Modular Oscilloscope Kit, AC Voltage Oscillation Experiment, Electric Field Lines Distribution, Precision Parallel Current Balance, Determination of e/m, Franck-Hertz Experiment, Blackbody Radiation, Electrical Oscillation Kit, Microwave Optics System, Photoelectric Effect Experiment. 7226