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About Us

Our university is recognized as an application-oriented research-type international university. Comply with this axis of the university, the development goal of our department is set as the education of talent high tech personnel and the supplying of delicate application technology. With this, our department will play a role of connecting the basic technology and industrial application.

To follow the technology policy of our government and the internationalized trend of education, the tradition of emphasizing on practical application in our department will be continued. With combination of theory and application and balance on IQ and EQ, electronic specialists with international view and creation capability will be trained in our department. These engineers will have the ability to design, manufacture, maintain and test the systems and elements in the fields of electronics, information communication and photo-electronics.

With the professional topics for undergraduate students, cooperation projects from the industry and the enforcement of the manufacturing ability of students, our professors will help the industry to develop their required technologies. Cooperation with the neighboring educational and researching institutions, we will boom the energy of our research ability, develop our specialism and lift the global competition ability for the industry of our country.