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Graduation Procedure

Taiwan Tech ECE Master’s Degree Program Oral Defense



Master students who meet graduation regulations can apply for the oral defense. The deadline will be Jan-31 for spring semester and Jul-31 for fall semester. (Please follow school calendar)


  1. Complete “The oral defense application of Master degree” (download from “Forms and Links”)
  2. Download the required documents at Student Information System and get more information by the following link.


  1. Upload the digital thesis at the Taiwan Tech Electronic Thesis System as link below.


  1. Print “e-Thesis Authorization Form” after you follow the file upload steps, then finish the leaving procedure.


  • Before Oral Defense
  1. Prepare one copy of “Qualification Form by Master Degree Examination Committee” and print the copies of “Oral Defense Evaluation Form” for all your committee members.
  2. Bring the “Receipt of Payment” which will be provided before the oral defense.
  • After Oral Defense
  1. Take the “Qualification Form”, “Evaluation Form”, "Thesis Academic Ethics and Authentication of Originality Statement", and “Receipt of Payment” to the ECE office and attach the “Recommendation Form” and “Qualification Form” with the thesis.
  2. Send the pdf file of Turnitin Result by e-mail.


*To apply for the delayed public, please download the “Application for Embargo of Thesis/Dissertation” and attach at the first page of the thesis.


Leaving Procedure


Application Deadline: the date before the registration deadline for next semester. (Please follow school calendar)

  1. Upload digital thesis and one printed copy thesis to the library.
  2. Download the “School Leaving Application Form” at Student Information System and get more information by the following link.


  1. Give a soft and yellow cover of the thesis to the department office.
  2. Give a printed copy thesis and the signed e-Thesis Authorization Form (NTUST & NCL) to the library.
  3. Please step by step complete the “School Leaving Application Form” and get the diploma at the Office of Graduate Studies.