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Facilities Location Extension
Signal Processing and Communications Lab. EE 401-4 7205
Microwave Electronics Lab. EE 704 7213
Mobilizing Information Technology Lab.(MIT Lab.)/ Interactive Multimedia Lab / iML EE 705-6 7214
Low Power Systems Lab. (Open) EE 803 7204
Parallel Processing and Distributed Systems Lab. EE 804 7216
OEIC Lab. EE402 7184
Optical Networks Lab. EE403 7318
Power Electronic Research Lab. EE502 7520
Image and Communication Lab. EE504 7209
Novel Light Sources Lab. EE504-3 7931
Microelectronics System Technology Lab/ Multimedia Networking Lab./ Signal Processing System and Circuit Lab. T2-503 7220
Fiber Optics Lab. T2-506 7217
Photonic System Simulation Design Lab. T2-507 7155
SPCOM (Signal Processing and Comminications) Lab. T2-511 7226
Illumination and Color Lab. EE405 7219
Wireless Communoication Lab. EE703-2 7650
Interactive Multimedia Lab. / IML EE705-6 7214
Broadband Multimedia Wireleess Research Lab. EE705-7 7224
Analog IC Lab. EE 705-8 7202
Microelectronics Lab. EE 801 7215
Microsystems Lab. -- Low Power Systms Design Group IB712 6840
Embedded Computing and Applications Lab IB701-3 6828
Microsystems Lab-Biomedical and Embedded System Technology Lab IB702-1 6830
High Performance Computing Group IB702-3 6829
PADS EE804 7216
Embeded System Lab. IB714-1 6832
Multimedia and Embedded Research Group IB701-2 6833
Semiconductor Measurement Lab. EE809 7218
3D Optical Imaging Lab. T3-403 7667
CIIC (Color, Imaging & Illumination Center) T3-404 7668
RF and Wireless Communication Lab. EE601-1 7210
SPCOM (Signal Processing and Comminications) Lab. EE-601-2 7138
Mixed-Signal IC Lab. EE-601-5 7211
Networking and Control Lab. EE-601-6 7221
Advanced Functional Materials Lab. EE-702-2 7651
Digital and VLSI System Lab. EE-703-1 7212
Wireless Communoication Lab. EE-705-9 7223
Lab for Lightwave Technology Research. EE-805 6402
Real-time Signal Processing Lab. EE-808-2 7223
Real-time Signal Processing Lab. EE-808-2 7223
Device/Process Lab. EE-808-3 7149
Nano Opto Electronic Lab. EE-810-2 7160
MRI Lab. T2-301-1 7344
Green Energy-Optoelectronic & Nano-Tech Thin Film Lab. T3-401-1 6836
Organic Optoelectronics Lab. T3-401-2 6816
Flat Panel Device Lab. T3-402-2 6834
Micro-optics and Green-energy Lab. T3-405 6837
Biophotonic Lab. T3-406 6835