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Kernel Ability

Educate and train the undergraduate to have the kernel ability.

1. Have the ability of using mathematical, scientific and engineering knowledge.

2. Have the ability to design, analyze and calculate to expand their engineering expertise.

3. Have the basic skills for engineering design implement.

4. Have the ability of designing the major subject system, component and expertise.

5. Have the capability of cross-domain solution, leadership and communication.

6. Have the ability of the reserch development and analysis, and the sense of integral engineering solution.

7. Have the technology ethics and the social responsibility.

8. Have the ability to communicate effectively in a foreign language.

9. Have the understanding to the integral influence of multiculture, current events and engineering technology.

10. Have the international perspective and the sense of long-life learning. 

Educate and train the graduate to have the kernel ability.

1. Have a professional understanding of the advanced electronic computer engineering field.

2. Have the ability to read and write professional publications and technical manuals.

3. Have the ability to estimate, analyze and independently solve problems.

4. Have the ability to design and carry out special topics and system integration.

5. Have the ability of team management, coordination and communication.

6. Have the ability to analyze and describe the research outcome.

7. Have the intellectual property cognition and the adaptability of the social change.

8. Have the international perspective and the sense of life-long learning.