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The faculty log in from here

  1. To protect your own right, the students must notice the bulletin of the warehouse.
  2. The system is in testing stage. Report to us if any problem occurs.
  3. Fill in the application form online and signed by your advisor. Then,pick up your material at WIII404.
The stock examination in Summer
The stock will be examined from 07/02 to 07/06 every year. The warehouse will be closed then.
All application of stock is filed through the Internet. Please choose the needed material from the list online. Then, print the application form, sign it by your advisor and pick up your material at the warehouse. After the first login, the password will be sent to your e-mail box. With this password, you can enter the stock management system.【※If you need only resistors, capacitors and 3m/m LED, you can go to the warehouse directly.】 (We will be glad to answer all your questions. You can come in our warehouse or call 6406 for Miss Huang. All opinions are welcomed.)
Due to the shortage of fund, we can not arrange student on duty once for a while. Please be considerate for that inconvenience. The stock in the warehouse mainly supports the lab courses of the undergraduate students. For those graduate students and undergraduate students with special topics, purchase your material for yourselves. The department has offered needed fund to your advisers.