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Welcome to attend the sixth IEEE International Conference on Anti-counterfeiting, Security, and Identification (IEEE ASID 2012) August 24-26, 2012


                            Program Schedule
Date24-26th August 2012
LocationInternational Building, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Conference Program
Registration Open(FRI24th August)
International Building101 Zone B
Welcome Reception
CHOPSTIX, GongGuan Branch
Day1(SAT25th August)
Main Conference Room
International Building 201 auditorium
Opening CeremonyConference Chairman:Prof.Xiaochao LI
Keynote Speech 1: Prof. Vai Mang I
Title: Intra-Body Communication (IBC) – The Last Centimeters Toward Implanted Devices on Internet of Things
Coffee break
Keynote Speech 2: Prof. Tzyy-Sheng Horng
Title: A Non-Contact Vital Sign Sensor Based on Self-Injection-Locked Radar Architecture
Keynote Speech 3:Prof. Chang-Fa Yang
Title: Some RF Studies Related to RFID/IoT and Wireless Communications at Taiwan Tech
Lunch break
Day1(SAT25th August)
Oral Presentation Session 1
1st Conference Room
(IB 201 auditorium)
2nd Conference Room
(IB 202 auditorium)
Session A:
Wireless Communication and Networking Engineering
Session Chair: Dr. Chingwo Ma
Institute for Information Industry
Session B:
IC Design and System Integration
Session Chair: Prof. Chien-Hung Kuo, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan
Paper ID:1569632517
Paper title: Modified LT Coding with Systematic Connections     
Authors: Van Hoan Tran, Kuen-Tsair Lay, Lun-Chung Peng
Paper ID:1569634329
Paper title: A Switched-Current Third-Order Oversampling Modulator with Coupled Differential Replica FMC
Authors: Guo-Ming Sung, Ying-Tzu Lai, Kuo-Hsuan Chang
Paper ID:1569630087
Paper title: Improved Joint Correlated Detection in Cell Search and Synchronization Procedure in 3GPP LTE Downlink System
Authors: Ding-Bing Lin, Jung-Cheng Hsieh, Hsin-Piao Lin
Paper ID:1569634337
Paper title: A Two-stage Cascode Class F CMOS Power Amplifier for Bluetooth
Authors: Guo-Ming Sung, Xiang-Jun Zhang, Tuan-Chen Hsiao
Paper ID:1569635411
Paper title: A Miniaturized Electronic Beam-Scanning Phased-Array Antenna for Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) Applications
Authors: Chih-Lin Chang, Chi-Hsing Wu, Chao-Hsiung Tseng
Paper ID:1569630495
Paper title: A 10-Bit Area-Efficient SAR ADC with Re-usable Capacitive Array
Authors: Chung-Yi Li, Chih-Wen Lu, Hao-Tsun Chao, Chin Hsia
Paper ID:1569606559
Paper title: Research on Quality Assessment Metric Based on H.264/AVC Bitstream
Authors: Zhiyuan Shi, Pingbo Chen, Chao Feng, Lianfen Huang, Weijian Xu
Paper ID:1569632367
Paper title: Non-linear Pseudo-Random Number Generators Via Coupling DX Generators with the Logistic Map
Authors: Chung-Yi Li, Hwai-Pu Chou, Lih-Yuan Deng, Jyh-Jen Horng Shiau, Henry Horng-Shing Lu
Paper ID:1569630335
Paper title: Secure Anonymous Authentication Protocol with Unlinkability for Mobile Wireless Environment
Authors: Jia-Lun Tsai, Nai-Wei Lo, Tzong-Chen Wu
Coffee break (IB 2F )
Day1(SAT25th August)
Oral Presentation Session 2
1st Conference Room
(IB 201 auditorium)
2nd Conference Room
(IB 202 auditorium)
Session C:
Cryptographic Algorithm and Security Management & Pattern Recognition and Applications
 Session Chair: Prof. Kai-Lung Hua
, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
Session D:
Power Electronics and Applications
 Session Chair: Prof. Chao-Hsiung Tseng, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
Paper ID:1569621953
Paper title: Identification Persons - Security Components of ID Card
Authors: Radek Holý, Jana Kaliková, Marek Kalika
Paper ID:1569629993
Paper title: Implementation of a Single-Stage Quasi Z-Source AC-DC Power Factor Correction Converter
Authors: Quang Trong Nha, Chien- Yu Lin, Mohammed Mahmood Alam
Paper ID:1569622325
Paper title: Effective Watermarking Based on Energy Balancing in Audio Signals
Authors: Shang-En Tsa, Yen-Chun Lin, Shih-Ming Yang
Paper ID:1569635171
Paper title: Design and Implementation of a High-Voltage Power Supply for Industrial In-mold Labeling Applications
Authors: Tung-Yen Chen, Huang-Jen Chiu
Paper ID:1569627055
Paper title: Computational Identification of Proteins Sub-network in Parkinson's Disease Study
Authors: Yue Huang, Jun Zhang, Yunying Huang
Paper ID:1569635877
Paper title: Design and Implementation of a Switching DC-DC Converter IC Using Sigma-Delta Modulator
Authors: Chi-Yuan Huang, Yi-Ting Chang, Chien-Hung Tsai
Paper ID:1569622655
Paper title: Empirical Exploration of Lattice Attacks for Building Secure Knapsack Cryptosystems
Authors: Shang-Ming Jen, Chia-Yu Lu, Tse-Lin Lai, Jar-Ferr Yang
Paper ID:1569630005
Paper title: Single-Stage Quasi Z-Source Flyback Power Factor Correction Converter
Authors: Quang Trong Nha, Mohammed Mahmood Alam
Paper ID:1569624087
Paper title: Detection of Copy-Move Forgery Image Using Gabor Descriptor
Authors: Hao-Chiang Hsu, Min-Shi Wang
Paper ID:1569630011
Paper title: Accurate Power-Loss Estimation for Continuous-Current- Conduction-Mode Synchronous Buck Converters
Authors: Chia-Hsing Li, Yu-Kang Lo, Huang-Jen Chiu
Paper ID:1569622643
Paper title: Balance Analysis of Self-powered Sensor and Application in Building Automation   
Authors: Fangming Ruan, Eugene You, Ruishan Zhou, Sheng Li
Paper ID:1569629435
Paper title: A Novel Approach to Improve Differential Signal Integrity          
Authors: Mon-Chau Shie, Shin Dian Dian
17:15 ~
NTUST Staff Restaurant (台科大教職員餐廳)
Day2(SUN26th August)
Oral Presentation Session3
1st Conference Room
IB 201 auditorium
2nd Conference Room
IB 202 auditorium
Session E: Cloud Computing & Internet of Things (IoT) (I)
Session Chair: Prof. Chang Hong Lin, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
Session F: Next Generation Networking and IPv6 & Micro/Nano-sensor and RFID Techniq-ues
Session Chair: Prof. Ray-Guang Cheng, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
Paper ID:1569630293
Paper title: Thermal-aware Service Rate Adjustment for Cyber-physical Systems
Authors: Hsin-Hao Chu, Ting-Hao Tsai, Ya-Shu Chen
Paper ID:1569621327
Paper title: Online Propagation Model Correction Based on PSO Algorithm in LTE SON System      
Authors: Lianfen Huang, Xiaoxin Chen, Zhibin Gao, Hongxiang Cai
Paper ID:1569621689
Paper title: Bridging SNS ID and User Using NFC and SNS  
Authors: Hiroaki Ninomiya, Eisuke Ito, Brendan Flanagan, Sachio Hirokawa
Paper ID:1569635417
Paper title: Oblique Projection Based Receiver with Interference Cancellation in OFDMA Uplink      
Authors: Jie-Liang Huang, Wen-Hsien Fang, Po-Wen Cheng
Paper ID:1569606603
Paper title: A BP-based Path Selection Model for Dynamic Transportation Network   
Authors: Jianhong Li
Paper ID:1569629555
Paper title: Tourists Effective Management and Reminder System Based on RFID        
Authors: Chen Chiung-Hsing, Lin Hung-Wei, Chen Guan-Yu, Chen Jwu Jenq
Paper ID:1569636105
Paper title: Mobile Augmented Reality Based on Cloud Computing
Authors: Bai-Ruei Huang, Chang Hong Lin, Chia-Han Lee
Paper ID:1569621747
Paper title: Constructing a Security-Mechanism RFID System   
Authors: Chin-Chang Rau, Chin-sung Hsiao
Coffee break
Oral Presentation Session4
1st Conference Room
IB 201 auditorium
2nd Conference Room
IB 202 auditorium
Session G: Cloud Computing & Internet of Things (IoT)(II)
Session Chair: Prof. Mon-Chau Shie, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
Session H: Multi-core Processor and Reconfigurable Computing
Session Chair: Prof. Chang Hong Lin, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
Paper ID:1569641561(Invited paper)
Paper title: Holistic Comparison of Optical Routers for Chip Multiprocessors
Authors: Yaoyao Ye, Xiaowen Wu, Jiang Xu, Wei Zhang, Mahdi Nikdast, Xuan Wang
Paper ID:1569641562 (Invited paper)
Paper title: An Efficient Soft Error Protection Scheme for MPSoC and FPGA-based Verification      
Authors: Weichen Liu, Wei Zhang, Fubing Mao
Day2(SUN26th August)
Paper ID:1569633709
Paper title: Dynamic Slot-based Task Scheduling Based on Node Workload in a MapReduce Computation Model 
Authors: Hsin-Yu Shih, Jhih-Jia Huang, Jenq-Shiou Leu
Paper ID:1569635787
Paper title: On-line Real-Time Task Management for Three-dimensional Network on Chips   
Authors: Cyun-Yi Jheng, Ya-Shu Chen
Paper ID:1569622087
Paper title: An Efficient Resource Allocation Scheme for Cross-Cloud Federation
Authors: Nai-Wei Lo, Kuo-Hui Yeh, Pei-Yun Liu
Paper ID:1569627045
Paper title: Parallel One- and Two-Dimensional FFTs on GPGPUs
Authors: Mehrdad Fallahpour, Chang-Hong Lin, Ming-Bo Lin, Chin-Yu Chang
Paper ID:1569622649
Paper title: Power Management System Based on ZigBee      
Authors: Chiung-Hsing Chen, Hung-Wei Lin, Yen-Sou Huang, Jwu Jenq Chen
Paper ID:1569625683
Paper title: Implementation of Face Detection Algorithm Based on KL-Gaussian Model on DSP 
Authors: Hezhi Lin, Kunqing Wu, Xiangping Kong, Lianfen Huang, Zhiyuan Shi, Siyan Chen
Lunch break
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