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Welcome to attend the free IC design short course given by Prof. R. L. Geiger from Iowa State University during 12/15~12/19

By the enthusiastic invitation of ET department, Prof. Geiger will come back to NTUST again and give us a one-week IC design short course. The contents include amplifier design, bandgap voltage reference design, integrated filter design, pipeline ADC design and test. Prof. Geiger is the top 1 IC design professor in Iowa State University and is honored as Willard and Leitha Richardson professor for a long time. He even served as the president of IEEE Circuit and System Society. With much humor and intelligence, his class teaching is more profound than you can expect. The course website is as the following.

Please join us to enjoy the IC design journey provided by Prof. Geiger. If you don’t have enough time, you can also choose different topics to attend.

Electronics Department, NTUST

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