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CTCI scholarships information 2019
Please find the attached files.
Previous notice:
a.Register online and fill in all the application information, then print it out.
※Registration opening time starts from 7/1
b.Submit by "hard paper" and "doc/pdf files(usb)" TO ECE office Kara Liao(廖翊如).
c.ECE office accept deadline: 2019.07.31 Wed. 17:00
1.There are two scholarships to apply from CTCI.
(1) Scholarship for Oversea Graduate Students: Recipient will be awarded 150,000 NTD and a Certificate of Merit. 
(2) Living grants for Oversea Graduate Students: Recipient will be awarded 100,000 NTD.
ECE just can recommend only one student for each scholarship.
You can apply for two scholarships at one time.
2.Scholarship eligibilities
(1)Oversea graduate students (including international students, oversea Chinese students, students from Mainland China, students from Hong Kong and Macao) currently enrolled in master’s or doctorate courses of science and engineering related fields in the designated departments/institutes and universities.
(2)Each semester’s academic grade must be reaching the specified points, or corresponding level grade and GPA (please also provide the grade convert sheet along with the academic transcript).
a.Scholarship for Oversea Graduate Students: 80 point or   corresponding level grade and GPA 
b. Living grants for Oversea Graduate Students: 75 point or  corresponding level grade and GPA 
If you get any question, please don't hesitate to contact me.
Other notice:
The sooner you submit/prepare all the elaboration of the scholarship application, the earlier we can do our best to help you.


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