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Google 台灣招聘項目及線上宣講會(2017/4/27 Thu. 5pm-6:20pm)




What: 我們會邀請 Googler 和同學們介紹Google的文化和業務,並分享 Google 可以為在校學生提供的機會。同時我們也會針對今年的 Google 2017 Code Jam Kickstart 線上筆試給大家提供更多的信息。整個過程就像觀看一個 YouTube 視頻一樣簡單,同學們還可以實時向我們提問。只要大家準時點擊直播鏈接進行觀看(直播結束後不能在網站上找到直播視頻)。

Who‘s invited: 任何學習技術相關的同學 (計算機科學,計算機工程,電機工程,數學,物理並輔修計算機等等)。宣講會的內容適合各個年級的同學

When: 4月27日,星期四,5pm-6:20pm。

Where: 任何有網路,可以觀看 YouTube 視頻的地方。同學們註冊後,我們會額外發送相關信息來告訴同學們如何觀看。






Hi there!


Greeting from Google!


This mail is to introduce to you various programs & opportunities available with us in this season, also to invite you our campus outreach session on Youtube Livestream. Meet Google via your devices at home!


Student Programs & Opportunities


Find below our programs & opportunities available in this exciting season! (links attached) To know more details, join us in Youtube Livestream!




Invitation to Campus Outreach on Youtube Livestream


We sincerely invite you to Campus Outreach - Youtube Livestream session. Meet Google via your device at home, any grade is welcomed!


During the livestream, we’ll bring you a closer look on Google’s culture and business; introduce Google’s programs & opportunities available for tech university students; share tips on Code Jam Kickstart 2017 by Google Engineer; answer your burning questions about Google in real time.


Please find more event details below. Don’t miss the chance!



Here's how to join us



Campus Outreach - Youtube Livestream

Date:  Apr. 27

Time: 17:00 - 18:20 (TST)



Livestream Site Address

We’ll extend the site link to your mailbox two days prior the event.  


This livestream will be conducted in Mandarin



For any question in concern, please feel free to reach out to For any updates we'll reach out to you at the first place.



We look forward to seeing you there!

Google Staffing Programs



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